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Acupuncture and practices Artistic

Many and frequent are the disorders present in the artistic practices, in particular the musculo-skeletal disorders (TMS). They relate to all the artistic types of practices: of course dance as well as the other artistic sports (synchronized swimming, GRS.) or arts of the circus. But also music, painting, sculpture, the writing, photography, the mannequinat, the song, the theatre and the acting… These disorders are painful and of this fact or the performance or the artistic practice prevent will disturb. These TMS, which possibly affect all the articular zones, have a multifactorielle origin strongly dependent on a recurring and supported activity, as it is the case in the artistic practices. They touch mainly the muscles/tendons/nerves but sometimes also the skeleton him even. They are the result of the action of the various constraints (biomechanics, psychological, organisational) on the functional capacities of the artist (physical, psychological, social capacity etc). When these constraints exceed the possibilities of the subject, occurred of a musculo-skeletal disorder becomes strongly probable. Conversely when these capacities are higher than the constraints, the risk of TMS remains weak. Acupuncture in this field will find all its place since it will attempt to optimize the capacities of the artist (optimization of the ground) with a preventive assumption of responsibility on all the plans (physics-psychic-emotional), while being personalized natural and harmonious. In the same way it will be able to also restore a sufficient level of capacity in order to have an effective curative action when that proves to be necessary. The disorders of the locomotor device relate to a large range of inflammatory and degenerative pathologies in link with the artistic practices. One will find ignitions of the tendons (tendinitises, ténosynovites, bursites.) at the occurring level of the upper limbs like inferiors in a preferential way in the artistic practices with very repetitive activities or of prolonged static work (dance, arts of the circus.). One will also observe very frequently myalgias (muscular pains) particularly in the area of the neck and the shoulders, at the time of activities of posture (painting, photography, mannequinat.). But also of the nervous disorders like compressions of the nerves (canal syndrome) mainly on the level of the upper limb (musicians, sculptor.), just as of degenerative pathologies of the spinal column as well as frequent fractures of tiredness (arts of the circus, dances). In a general way the disorders of the upper limb will be observed on the musician, painters, sculptors and of the lower extremities in the dancers. Acupuncture will be judicious whatever the phase of intervention: primary education upstream of an unspecified appearance of the disorders (prevention), secondary at the time of the early assumption of responsibility as of the first signs (treatment of attack), or tertiary sector by avoiding the relapses and to facilitate the return to a comfortable practice (consolidation). Indeed Acupuncture does not have to show any more its mettle when with its use impossible to circumvent in these various fields. The antalgic action, reduction in the ignition, as well as the desactivation of the muscular painful points (trigger points) always represent a triptych narcotic of effectiveness in this field. A fast cure and the return to the free expression of its art, the absence of chronic pathologies, and a reduction of the risk of repetition will represent a priceless advantage thanks to the accompaniment acupunctural of the artist. Another field for which Acupuncture represents a marvellous tool of accompaniment for the artistic practices is “the spirit”. Indeed the concept of creativity, inspiration, of x-ray concentration/, is invaluable at most point in this context. Any artist whatever it is knows at which point the body is not all, it is the essential support certainly, but in order to express something. The artist works thanks to his inventive genius with contributes of a body dexterity, the gesture playing the prolongation of the intention. Acupuncture considered to have an impact on the psychism and the emotional one of the individual, will make it possible to clarify the spirit like optimizing the expression of its feelings and thus making it possible to the artist to reveal all his potential. Cyril ALONSO
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