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Acupuncture Sporting and control of the weight

The management of the weight is a strategic element impossible to circumvent for any sportsman, largely as well as the training in him even! This management particularly constitutes an aspect essential in the sports with categories of weight (oar, weight-lifting, box, the judo and other art-martial, the fight…). A few grams of too mean changes of category or disqualification, a few grams in less during the weighing can mortgage the chances of victory seriously. But not only… in many other disciplines, the fall of the weight is a factor of performance since the weight ratio/power is a decisive criterion so evaluating the potential of a sportsman. If the weight drops, this report increases. In the sports of endurance amongst other things, the performance thus passes by the notion of the weight as of the percentage of fatty mass which must be optimal. The cyclists (in particular the climbing ones), the long-distance runners, the triathlètes, must be also vigilant to be with their ideal weight because there is a capital concept of displacement of the total weight of the sportsman. Even within sports booked a long time to the “strapping men”, such as hockey-handball-Rugby-or “all categories”, one became aware that weight for weight was not inevitably interesting but that it was necessary for a whole less fatty muscle, more tonic, more dynamic, more enduring, therefore with less fatty mass. In addition much of women and sporting young people undergo a dictat sometimes very dangerous for their health in order to perform in their discipline, synchronized swimming dances it gymnastic it fitness for example, the concept of esthetics and morphotype occupying a central place there. Let us note moreover than one excess of weight largely supports the risk of wound and in particular of articular problems. Attention, loss of grease is not inevitably synonymous with weight loss. The weight loss during a greaseproof mode is neither systematic nor immediate because one very frequently accompanies the food heating reduction by sporting exercises in optics to burn the most calories possible. That proves to be very effective because the basal metabolism is thus strongly stimulated. That then causes a thin catch of mass and thus a catch of weight, the muscle being much denser and heavy that the fat. This fact one is refined but at the same time one weighs down oneself, the distribution masses thin fatty-mass changing with the profit as of muscles. The approximate evaluation of this difference in density between the muscles and grease is of 18%. Many athletes being considered still too large/too heavy, although they sometimes already reached their optimal weight, sacrifice their muscular mass, their force, their performance and unfortunately often their health while wishing at all costs to reach an unrealistic weight quickly. Indeed the reduction accentuated in calories is strongly likely to generate the muscular loss of mass as well as a metabolic deceleration. An abrupt reduction in the weight by dehydration or reduction of the consumption of liquid, thus represents a water loss. That will result in to reduce the endurance as the force, and as a result will be prejudicial for the total athletic performance of the athlete. A performer which must really lose weight will have to do it during the phase of general preparation, sufficiently upstream of a competition. The objective will be of this fact of avoiding to the maximum the harmful incidences on the performance, by supporting the loss of body grease while preserving the muscular mass as well as the other desired physical characteristics. The catch of weight just like the difficulty of getting thinner can come from hypofonctionnements or energy blockings on the level of certain bodies/systems such as the disastrous liver or it which are particularly implied, amongst other things, in the storage of greases and their elimination. The fact of raising these blockings and of carrying out an energy regulation again allows a correct operation of the organization and increases the chances to get thinner. In an objective of management of the weight in sporting medium, Acupuncture will act directly on the bodies and the digestive system to improve the drainage of greases, to optimize digestion and to reduce the abdominal stagnations. It will also stick to reduce the retention of liquids thanks to the stimulation of the kidneys, or to control the appetite while exploiting the feeling of satiety. The goal will be then to reduce the lipidic reserves of the organization, to preserve the existing muscular mass like all the biogenic salts, to allow a growth/optimal tissue recovery, and to provide to the organization of energy in sufficient quantity for the training and the normal metabolic functions, while creating a light deficit of calories ..... and this in a natural, harmonious, without side-effects, and durable way! More and more of sportsmen, and TEAM should thus call on the services of the expert acupuncturist in sporting medium. He will then propose protocols for before it during-and after effort which will allow the management of the ideal weight according to the calendar of the trainings, like sporting expiries. He will also take care to maintain a weight during the offseason with a high limit and a low limit. Cyril ALONSO Very interesting article in the description of the relevance of acupuncture in the management of the weight: “Comparison of manual acupuncture vs. electro-acupuncture on the metabolic risk factors among obese women” Valérie Truong, Mylène Veilleux, Marie-Christine Brien, Joan Bernier, Stéphanie Racette, Antony D. Karelis. <a href=' http://www.acupuncturesportive.com/recherche.html' > http://www.acupuncturesportive.com/recherche.html </a>
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