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Acupuncture Sporting and performance

The performance is a truly central and omnipresent objective for any sportsman who constantly seeks to develop his effectiveness like his results! Acupuncture will have a natural and effective impact on many metabolic systems directly implied in the athletic performance.Acupuncture will optimize the systems cardiovascular and pulmonary making it possible for the same effort to reduce the heart rate, the oxygen uptake, like increasing blood circulation by dilation of the vessels (capillary tothe arteries). That will thus have a direct impact and consequent on the performance via amongst other things muscular oxygenation. In the same way Acupuncture increases to a significant degree the muscular force (explosive force, isometric force) as well as the muscular endurance thanks to the improvement of the parameters hemodynamic and the physical performance to the anaerobic threshold.Muscular Force-Power-endurance are once again optimized. The setting in optimal activity,as well quantitatively as qualitatively, from the energy sectors will play a determining role in the possibility for the organization of functioning with its maximum output. Acupuncture will exploit the activation of the bodies responsible for these processes (Failure/pancreas and Stomach),thanks to the stimulation of precise points.Acupuncture does not have any more to show its mettle with regard to the treatment of the pains. The antalgic action (releases ofen kephalinic and endorphinic hormones), the reduction in the ignition (activation of corticosuprarenal, secretion of glucocorticoïdes anti inflammatory naturalness), as well as the desactivation of the muscular painful points(trigger points) always represent a triptychnarcotic of effectiveness in this field! This fact pains and persistent wounds, microphone-wounds with repetition and aches, or preexistent health problems will find their solution. A fastcure and the return to the usual sports, the absence of passage to the chronic wound, and a reduction of the risk of repetition during there sumption of the sports will represent a priceless advantage thanks to the accompaniment acupunctural. The reduction in the muscular stress (inherent in a constant training) in link with the oxydative stress, like the support of the immune system, or theim provement of the sleep (pledge of a daily handing-over on level of the structures on requested in the course of the day), are nearly exclusive fields of predilection of acupuncture with for consequences the optimization of the basic state of the performer. Here thus many tested elements, used until the sporting structures of the more high level, exclusive with Acupuncture, by being integrated and supplementing in a perfectly harmonious way asporting staff. Cyril ALONSO Article intéressant : http://www.gera.fr/Downloads/Formation_Medicale/MEDECINE-DU-SPORT-ET-ACUPUNCTURE/goret-149951.pdf « L’acupuncture améliore-t-elle la performance du sportif sur cycloergomètre ? Olivier Goret et Johan Nguyen Dhillon Satpal. The acute effect of acupuncture on 20 km cycling performance. Clin J Sport Med . 2008;18(1):76-80. » L’acupuncture augmente-t-elle la performance physique lors d’un effort ? Dans le domaine de la performance physique, plusieurs ECR ont montré l’intérêt de l’acupuncture : - l’acupuncture améliore la performance athlétique (course, saut en longueur, saut en hauteur) et les index biomécaniques de performance - l’électro-acupuncture de surface au 4GI augmente la durée de l’effort (course, natation) et de la capacité maximale à l’effort (force de préhension du poignet et exercices isométriques du coude) - l’acupuncture, chez des sportifs effectuant un effort à progression constante (paliers de 50 Watts), augmente la capacité maximale de performance aérobie et anaérobie - la moxibustion améliore la performance physique lors du test du marche-pied de Harvard (test 1 du ta- bleau 3) - l’acupuncture au 6Rte améliore la performance des nageuses à l’entrainement - l’acupuncture auriculaire améliore au contraire la VO2 Max Références intéressantes : Improved performance in endurance sports through acupuncture (2010) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20845241 Effect of acupuncture on regulating skeletal muscle endurance in rats]. (2010) (Modèle murin) http://europepmc.org/abstract/med/20568439 Ergogenic effect of acupuncture in sport and exercise: a brief review. (2010) http://journals.lww.com/nsca-jscr/Abstract/2010/05000/Ergogenic_Effect_of_Acupuncture_in_Sport_and.37.aspx Electrical acupoint stimulation increases athletes’ rapid strength (2006) http://europepmc.org/abstract/med/16739839 Immediate effects of acupuncture on strength performance: a randomized, controlled crossover trial (2010) https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00421-010-1510-y Influence of acupuncture on physical performance capacity and haemodynamic parameters. 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