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Acupuncture Sporting and recovery

For all the sportsmen who they are high level or simple athletes amateurs recovery forms integral part of the physical preparation, it will have to be planned within a program of training. The more intense the effort is, the more it will be long. It is quite as important as the training itself and can be made many manners. It will then make it possible the body to adapt to the new efforts like building more solid bases, therefore truly to progress. There exist two principal manners of recovering, either by the rest (nothing to make or activities of relaxation), or by active recovery. Indeed the body is acidified at the time of a sporting exercise, thus supporting the development of many disorders due to the metabolic disorders such as muscular problems (pains, cramps, stiffnesses.), sinewy/articular (tendinitises, bursite, ténosynovites.) tires chronic or fractures of tiredness, etc active recovery will make it possible to optimize repair/reactivation of the fabric-body-functions damaged at the time of the sports. If it is well made, the risks of wound decrease and the body finds a homeostatic state in all the sectors (psychological, physical, metabolic). Acupuncture takes into account the sportsman on all the plans and will be able to thus consider an exhaustive assessment in order to propose on the subject a specific assumption of responsibility in this field, in keeping with the set objectives. The approach of Acupuncture, natural and individualized, will occupy a choice place in active recovery in the sportsman. Particularly effective in this field, it will allow D ` to accelerate and to optimize this recovery, that it is after the trainings very as much as in post-expiry. It will stick by certain techniques (needles, moxas, electropuncture…) to cleanse, control, like leading to a maximum effectiveness certain functions (internal) organic particularly implied in this field (Kidney, Liver, Lungs). Metabolic waste (Lactates, H+ ions, CPK…) post-efforts are eliminated thus better. And by other techniques (suction cups/BaGuanZi/cupping, Guasha.) to control energy and blood, allowing the back in circulation of a possible stagnation of those. 
 Of this fact there will be a specific action on the liquids in general (lymphatic system initially with cleaning of organic waste), and on conjunctive fabrics as muscles and their aponévroses/fascias (Tching Kann and Lo Longitudinaux) allowing relieving, cicatrization, cellular dynamization/manufacturing of those Ci. Once again Acupuncture occupies a choice place in the assumption of responsibility of sportsmen, making it possible to go back to the training more quickly, to approach the test peacefully, like avoiding nuisances or wounds. Cyril Alonso Interesting article: https://www.meridiens.org/jmarcstephan/index.php/medecine-du-sport/marathon-interet-de-l-acupuncture-moxibustion Dr. J-Marc Stephan “The marathon causes considerable physiopathological consequences on the athlete, some is his degree of training. Because of fall of immunity, one observes a less resistance to the infections during about fifteen days. The muscular aches and stiffnesses yield at the end of ten days. The euphoric state, consequence of the surge of endorphins and other hormones give way to a state of depresses and, or, asthenia which lasts about ten days. An anaemia by martial deficiency can settle. The colopathies with type of diarrhoea, constipation associated with nauseas can trail few days at a few weeks. In short, all the interest of acupuncture-moxibustion will be then to accelerate this phase of recovery. The protocol describes above which consists to maintain and restore energy Jing Qi and Xue by moxant Yang Ming and by invigorating the meridian lines of Liver and Kidney in deficiency, there succeeds perfectly. Recovery is effective in five days instead of the 10 days usually described. “
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