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Acupuncture Sporting and stress

The management of the stress that they are right front, during the competition/performance, just like during the phase of training, is a concept impossible to be unaware of for any sportsman/performer. The stress is a subjective process which depends on the event but also on the evaluation by the sportsman of the situation and of its own resources it has to succeed (physical capacities/technical/psychological, former expiries, other environmental performers, elements,…). From that is born the fact that vis-a-vis exactly the same expiry certain sportsmen will present unsuited reactions and will be for example to 60% their means, whereas others on the contrary have adapted reactions and use their potential to the maximum. The stress is not that invalidating and inhibiting (negative stress), it can be a facilitator and necessary making it possible to prepare with the action, to act effectively and to adapt in an optimal way to new situations (positive stress). Let us note however that when this positive stress, very expensive in energy, too intense/is prolonged/repeated then the possibilities of control and adaptation of the sportsman are overflowed and involve the appearance of unsuited reactions (phases of exhaustion, wounds, depression…). Indeed very frequently of the physical problems with repetition or relapses/repetitions in the sportsman (distorsion, tendinitis, fracture, surgical operation.), like difficulties of carrying out the good gestures, or pessimism of being performed, find their source here! The stress will thus cause modifications behavioral, cognitive, metabolic and emotional. Initially it will prepare the metabolic activity useful for the muscles, the increase in the heart rate and more generally the adaptation of the organization to produce an effort (General Syndrome of Adaptation). At the time of what one calls phase of alarm there is release of adrenalin and noradrenalin (very broad action with in particular action on the heart and the lungs). The phase known as comes then of resistance the persistent stress of new hormones are secreted the glucocorticoïdes (principal action on the reserves of the liver and in greases). When the stress is still prolonged appears the phase of exhaustion (negative impact on the muscular output, inhibiting effect on the immune system from where appearance of infections and pathologies of all kinds). One then finds frequently with a sporting approach a postural deficit, ostéo-articular reduction in flexibility, disharmonieux recruitment of the muscular chains, on-request sinewy and ligamentous leading to the accident and the inefficiency of the movement, bad recovery, very request organic with effect on the kidneys, liver, and disastrous. Sporting Acupuncture will stick and perform to assist and restore all these organic/energy systems which are the heart, kidneys, failure, liver and lungs. Any sportsman would gain to endeavour to identify his optimal zone of stress while identifying with which level of stress it carried out the best performances. He will have in particular with the assistance Acupuncture to then try it to reach this optimal zone and to be maintained there. Right front, during the competition/performance, just like during the phase of training, acupuncture acts on the greater comfort of the sportsman by decreasing the anxiety, by managing the stress so that it is driving, and by improving the x-ray concentration/le. Cyril ALONSO According to a Canadian study of the McGill University, the music would have to be able to clearly decrease the feeling of stress among patients. Assumption to explain this effect? The listening of the music and the system of stress could activate similar zones of the brain. The first could then prevent with the anxiety from developing. Ref. article: http://download.cell.com/images/edimages/Trends/CognitiveScience/TICS_1180.pdf Biological markers (endocrinal and immunological) allowed to highlight which acupuncture acts indeed on the wellness physics and mental of the athletes during the competition. Endocrine acupuncture and answers of immunologic and markers during competition. (2003) “The measured parameters included salivary secretory immunoglobulin A (SIgA) level, cortisol level in salivated, subjective rating of physical well-being, and profiles of mood states (POMS) “The words of songs can influence the human behaviors (see North & Hargreaves, 2008 for a review of the literature) from where importance for an athlete to choose the songs well which he listens to. The influence of the words on the behavior could even take place when the person does not pay attention to the words, since such an effect would occur even in an unconscious way (Anderson and al., 2003). The researchers of the field of the psychology of the sport even suggest that the words of song can play a significant role in the context of the physical-activities and sporting of share the assertions or the keywords which they provide (Bishop and al., 2007; Terry & Karageorghis, 2011). On the other hand, no study made suggestion as for what the words should convey like message. “Me what I found in my study it is that the message of the words which the Olympic athletes listened to understood the 4 elements of the mental force, that is to say the feeling of control, confidence, the challenge and the commitment. In English one says the 4C of mental toughness (Control, Confidence, Challenge, Commitment) of the model of Levy and al. (2006).” https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fpapyrus.bib.umontreal.ca%2Fxmlui%2Fbitstream%2Fhandle%2F1866%2F18634%2FCardella-Rinfret_Genevieve_2016_memoire.pdf%3Fsequence%3D4%26isAllowed%3Dy&h=ATNxbnqoVcUkNOHrNz_iaUrnnYondJi-wf586O7I7alxKY6r20WpoSZjJUZfXHltnLN-sC6PbEAdO222irHHZ4_p1auyxc1H4zSwHuKtlyuCPmOvI24nziGJUA7GSuqxvZBshPaCDwz4JUPZIQFnj6G_XdNTa_SCDg&s=1&enc=AZNx3hvbPGUvj3e8ZsJH8OdxK7_3PyQHql7Vzxge_oJVry6dhk83nVfWXiy8QmSnEXGgB-GIQ_jEvTiOPRMxM6mN76scln8-wgTMyFQDLJmwWg
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