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« To cure sometimes, often relieve, always listen. » Louis Pasteur

« All the men think that happiness is at the top of the mountain whereas it resides in the way of climbing it. » Confucius

« What happiness if not the true agreement between a Man and the existence which it carries out. » Albert Camus

« One earns a living with what one receives, but one builds it with what one give. » Winston Churchill

« The true Love is not spent, more you give more it remains you. » Saint-Exupéry

Cyril Alonso

An Expert in Chinese Traditional Acupuncture

After having validated his studies at the Public school of Paris of Masso-Kinesitherapy(Physiotherapy), Cyril ALONSO obtains the Diploma of State. Its course then brings it to Canada or it integrates the course of Physiotherapy into the University Laval(Quebec), in order to perfect its qualifications in the field of health. The “dry puncture”(approaches only musculo-skeletal), practised by the Québecquois Physiotherapists, will be his first making of contact with Acupuncture which will not have then cease to impassion it.
Of return in France it integrates the I.E.A.T.C(Institute of Energy and Chinese Traditional Acupuncture) in order to study in detail during five years Traditional Acupuncture Chinoise. One rigorous formation with in one of the most serious and respectful institute of the Tradition, extremely of its 40 years of existence and its direct line with the prestigious INSTITUT OF CHINESE TRADITIONAL MEDICINE AND OF ACUPUNCTURE OF HONG KONG (directed by Professors SHENN and LEUNG KOK YUENN) and OF TAÏ PEH (directed by Professor WUWEI PING) agents of this ancestral art.
It then validates all the courses and examinations of the representative national organizations such as FNMTC (French federation of Chinese Traditional Medicine), CCREAT (Research centre and of Studies inTraditional Acupuncture) and member of the CSNAT (National Superior council of TraditionalAcupuncture). Cyril, always in search for improvement goes back then regularly to Canada or he answers all the requirements about the Acupuncturists of Quebec (from which he is referred member),thus enriching still his control by Acupuncture Traditional and aiming without slackening at reconciling Tradition and modernity.
Today it does not cease having this dynamic and modern international approach of Acupuncture all while preserving some its roots, the compliance and the rigorous application with the rules emanating of the Old Texts (NEI TSING).
Trainer since nearly eight years, it cultivates the taste of the indissociable transmission of this Article.
Expert in Chinese Traditional Acupuncture, he is director of I.E.A.T.C-Nantes, one of the pillars of the most important group of Traditional schools in France (five independent schools in France and one in Switzerland), as well as I.E.A.T.C-Spain.

An acupuncturist turned towards the other

Cyril invested in parallel in the installation of a profession “Expert Wellness visually handicapped person”. It is one of the originators of the professional reference frame of engineering, in partnership with three large public institutes for visually handicapped people, thus allowing the validation by the State of such a profession, a first!

Trainer in energy techniques (digipuncture-Tuina,plantar reflexology.), it accompanies perenniality by this one. Assiduous practitioner the martial ones since his more young age, it also transmits his control of the spirit of the movement to the future health professionals as a speaker specialized within I.S.R.P-Paris (Institute of higher learning of Psychomotricity)/Pole Euro-.University of Health.

Fifteen years of experience as an acupuncturist in solid private clinic

Recognized and voted by plebiscite by the patients always of growing number who grant their full confidence to him, including in France or he consults also for a long time, Cyril ALONSO constantly seeks to enrich his clinical expert testimony. He permanently aims at improving his knowledge and his practice both in Europe and in North America. Extremely of this common enrichment not very, Cyril, impassioned by his art and its trade, dedicates its rigour and its effectiveness in the results of Traditional Acupuncture all to its patients.

  • Member about the Acupuncturists of Quebec (A-040-15 number)
  • Graduate I.E.A.T.C: Institute of Energy and Chinese Traditional Acupuncture
  • Graduate F.N.M.T.C: French national federation of Chinese Traditional Medicine
  • Graduate C.C.R.E.A.T: Arts centre and of Research in Traditional Acupuncture
  • Member C.S.N.A.T: National superior council of Traditional Acupuncture
  • Director school of Traditional Acupuncture I.E.A.T.C-Nantes
  • Director school of Traditional Acupuncture I.E.A.T.C-España
  • Masseur-kinesitherapist/Physiotherapeutist number 13188)
  • I.S.R.P/Paris trainer: Institute of higher learning Psychomotricity Rehabilitation
  • Trainer profession Expert Wellness
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